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Kiss the funky monkey bandCrowds go bananas for Kiss the Funky Monkey. The band offers a unique punk-pop, funk-rock blend and the party-all-night energy of these five German guys is contagious.

In an old industrial building in 2012 they built their rehearsal rooms, studio and a creative center where they produce straight forward riffs, catchy melodies and original lyrics that you’ll be playing on repeat. The band draws from both old and new, inspired not only by 90′s boy bands and indie bands but also from world famous rock and pop acts like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica and Carly Rae Jepsen.

In early 2013 the ‘Kiss the Funky Monkey EP’ was released. The band then released a music video of the single ‘MDMA’ in February 2014. Shortly after the video release they took off to a self organized world tour. During 4 month, they’ve played gigs across South-East-Asia, New Zealand and the USA to return back home loaded with new experiences, impressions and lessons learned.

They never take themselves too seriously, but when it comes to their music and shows, the monkeys give it their all. Even if they missed the boyband train, front man Roman brings the dream back to life, delivering a show all audiences will love. Two guitars, bass and high-class drums complete the package. Bars, clubs, open air festivals, national or international gigs, when Kiss the Funky Monkey walks in the door, the party is just getting started…

Roman – Vocals


Born and raised in the jungles of South East Asia, he is still finding it difficult to fully integrate himself into modern civilized society. Thanks to the project “KISS THE FUNKY MONKEY” supported by several humanitarian organizations, partial success has been achieved, although he has struggled with relapses. Due to a major relapse of uncontrolled wild behavior, Roman had to be transferred from Stuttgart to the relative safety of Munich. Overall it seems like he is now on track and we’re glad to have “MOGLI” in our monkey compound.

Benjo – Guitar


Always taking himself to the brink of burnout, KTFM founding member Benjo is constantly teetering on the edge of a total system overload. With great elegance, style, and grace he manoeuvres his way through the jungle of everyday life avoiding all kind of stress factors such as, smartphones, e-mails, and meeting requests. If you let him unfurl his spirits you can watch him instinctively churning out chilly sounds from his guitar on a lovely warm summer morning. These are the distinctive tunes he is adding to the KTFM sound.

Stefan – Bass


Conspiring with Benjo and Roman, they founded the band in a shady pub inStuttgart. Contrary to the usual bass player approach he is creating the framework of KTFM songs not by using keynotes and fifths; but by using keynotes only. Nevertheless he has already come up with some amazing monkey hits, and in doing so he has contributed to the success of this motley rabble. Obviously the coolest guy in the band, besides Benjo.


Alex – Guitar


Quickly gathered fame among the monkeys, becoming an integral part of the band in 2010. He infiltrated the monkey sound with his sophisticated skills and progressive riffs. Besides musical enrichment, he has also managed to raise the internal communication to a higher plane. He is noted for adding fancy content to the vocabulary derived from French art nouveau. Being one of the younger members he appears to have the unbridled enthusiasm of youth, but is catching up with the old guys, and learning how to chillout.

Felix – Drums


Felix doesn’t know how to play guitar or bass (but maybe ukulele?). Fortunately we were able to realize that this kid is the perfect drummer to complete the monkey pack. Being the youngest and the last member to join the current formation, he was rapidly integrated to his new environment and is spurring the band onwards. We are all grateful for his initiative to transfer our rehearsal room and the epicenter of the monkey cult to Neu-Ulm, where we finally built the glorious Clöb. Without a doubt we can say that this has had a deep and lasting impact on the future existence and ongoing development of this band. Concerning fashion our baby monkey prefers purple leopard pattern. What can we say, the man’s got style – each to their own!

Check out his homepage: www.felix-gilbert.de

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