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‘Leng Pleng’, the Cambodian nationwide gig guide, introduced us to the live music scene going on in the land of the Khmer. We were really looking forward to experiencing this country and indeed, these were some intense two weeks, 6 Shows in 3 cities. We spent hours travelling in buses and Tuk Tuks from north to south and east to west.

Coming from the airport, the cabs dropped us off at our hotel in Phnom Penh and we were really excited to dive into night life. Despite the fact that we had a rough night at the airport in Singapore sleeping on the floor, we hit the clubs. The cool thing about the capital of Cambodia is that the streets are full of life; this city never sleeps!


First show was at Slur Bar, a cool place run by some French guys. We had a good time with Pavel, a Swedish musician who’s living in Phnom Penh. He’s the master of guitar effect pedals and dry slapstick humour

–       Now that was too much excitement, let’s cool it down a bit.

…Even though it was a Monday night, there was a very interested audience and we had the chance to show them how to perform with an invisible drummer. And we love les Français beaucoup.

The music scene in Cambodia is definitely alive! People are really excited to see bands from overseas as well as they are appreciating the loads of awesome local bands and musicians. We were happy to give an interview for the above mentioned scene magazine Leng Pleng, which you can read here: http://www.lengpleng.com/2013/12/kiss-funky-monkey-q.html

This pushed us forward to our next gig at Meta House, the German-Cambodian cultural center. The international crew is setting up cool events and doing a great job for artists all over the world. And the Monkey deal is basically: FUN! Therefore it was an outstanding night, awesome people and a lot of new friends! Thanks to Nico and Johannes for “letting us”!

KTFM WT8 Cambodia - 027KTFM WT8 Cambodia - 029

Le next morning, we had to catch the bus to Kampot, which is situated at the seaside of Cambodia. We were really looking forward to play at Bodhi Villa at the legendary Friday Night Party.

–       It’s not same same – it’s totally fucking different and indeed “it’s like entering a new galaxy.”

The owner Hugh ‘I was born ready’ Munro introduced us to his beautiful riverside estate with a wooden jetty right next to the stage. The tremendous unreal sound system completed the scenery. We pretty fast regretted that we could only stay for one night: This is just another one of these places… If you’re feeling uncomfortable or stressed, just refer to one of the relaxation advisors; they’ll help you out. But the pictures speak for themselves.

In the night-time the dock turns into the complete opposite, a massive sick party and people from all over the world going nuts! And so did we… What a show… The planks were wobbling like this place was going to collapse immediately. Marvellous! Cheers to the crew, the band, the staff and the great audience: see you again on our next tour!

KTFM WT8 Cambodia - 021KTFM WT8 Cambodia - 020

As this was a concert trilogy (3 in a row – Jackpot) we had to head back to Phnom Penh to play at Equinox, another stylish live music venue. Street bumps reminded us we were still alive; Go Go Go! Anthony from Equinox set up everything, so we could just plug-in and rock the club instantly without warning! Some guys just can’t get enough of the Monkey madness; there was Stans all over the Stan-floor! Had a ‘touchy’ time afterwards, we love you all toooo mucha! Only one in my heart. Lay, Vera, Mona and Kristina led the way through the night life jungle, just to end up in another gay bar, Heart of Darkness – what else…?

KTFM WT8 Cambodia - 009KTFM WT8 Cambodia - 007

…Lights out, recover.

As you might have heard Cambodia is famous for the temples of Angkor. Some of the most impressive buildings of mankind; so let’s see if we could rock Siem Reap, the city next to the Angkor temples! We went up there and checked in to our crib. It was dry season and it was boiling hot, but gladly we arrived and just had a spontaneous gig at Downtown right next to the pool. Sometimes the Monkeys need a severe refreshment to cool down their strained little brains. Ben, our new promotion manager, organized the show. Thanks mate!

It was really tough to finally grab the whole pack and carry them to Angkor W(h)at…? This area seemed to be even hotter, we could barely move, but it was absolutely worth it. Luckily, we were rewarded to see not only a masterpiece of human history, but also our little monkey friends, fooling around with all the tourists there. They declared the temples their homes. Reclaim it, go and get all the bananas!

Siem Reap has a surprising big party area, the so-called Pub Street. No doubt we had to pass by and spread the Monkey love. X Bar with an extraordinary rooftop stage and a mini ramp was our destination to pull out another set. Rick, the manager invited us to play on Thursday night. Keep it up! To all the backpackers out there, this is the place to be!

KTFM WT8 Cambodia - 004KTFM WT8 Cambodia - 001

At this point we were almost done with Asia; the Kiwis in New Zealand were next on our list to be made happy. But there was one city left: Bangkok – the capital of super soakers!

Let’s get wet – big time! Be prepared for the next stories coming up and hang on!

Thanks so much to all the Khmer, les Français, the Dutch, ze Germans, the guys from the UK and everybody else we met in this beautiful country. Hilarious moments! You really made it easy for us to enjoy our time in Cambodia!

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