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Work hard? Play hard!!!

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Auftakt für unsere kleine Tour durch Deutschland in den nächsten 3 Monaten! Am Sonntag 1. März spielen wir in Stuttgart das erste von mehr als 10 Konzerten in den nächsten 3 Monaten. Klingt wie work hard? Bullshit! Arbeit war gestern. Play hard ist angesagt. Und Party hard natürlich! Wir freuen uns euch in München, Ulm, […]


Show @ Zwölfzehn, Stuttgart

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Das erste Konzert in der guten alten Heimatstadt Stuttgart seit KTFM von der Tour um den Globus zurück ist und es war eine supergeiler Abend. Den Auftakt machte Mick Baff mit sehr coolen Rap-Rock Einlagen, danach ging’s Banana Style ab mit Songs vom Album Vive le Clöb. Aber auch ein paar neue Songs waren dabei, […]


video summary of part one of our world tour

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On the 28th of February 2014 we started our World Tour as we took off from Munich Airport in direction of South East Asia. For the consecutive 4 weeks we were touring around Indonesia, playing shows in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Bali, Lombok Island and Gili Trawangan Island. We were rocking big night clubs such as […]


GIG Heidelberg Musikkneipe KARL

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Die Summer Monkey Action in der Musikkneipe Karl im schönen Heideberg war ein toller Auftakt nach der Rückkehr von der Wörld Tour. Trotz unglaublicher Sommerhitze und schwüler Luft, welche den Bedingungen in Südostasien in nichts nachstanden, haben sich doch einige ins Karl gewagt, um mit den Monkeys abzufeiern. Vielen Dank Leute – ihr wart ein […]


relax – it’s australia

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INTERIOR – INTERROGATION ROOM AT CHRISTCHURCH AIRPORT – DAY – OR NIGHT (can’t remember) Four good-looking lads from Germany were kept for three hours of questioning by a New Zealand customs officer. Let’s call him Oliver. Though pretty fucked up by sleepless nights in Bangkok and at Sydney airport, our guys managed to convince Oliver […]


Ok, Bangkok!

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We decided that Bangkok is just the right place to say goodbye to wonderful Asia. You might have heard a lot about this city and most things are definitely true… But guess what happens when the monkeys board the ship! And to top it all – It was Thai New Year!!! If you don’t have […]


cambodia calling

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‘Leng Pleng’, the Cambodian nationwide gig guide, introduced us to the live music scene going on in the land of the Khmer. We were really looking forward to experiencing this country and indeed, these were some intense two weeks, 6 Shows in 3 cities. We spent hours travelling in buses and Tuk Tuks from north […]


Destination: Bali

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After a two-hour speedboat ride we managed to get ourselves and our instruments safe and dry to Bali! Two shows were on the map, Boshe Club and Twice bar! Also this was our longest stay on one Island so far. We stayed on Bali for almost two weeks as it is known for party, beach […]


A few days in Lombok

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Touring around Indonesia, we got accustomed to the term „Jam Karet“ which in English probably could be referred to as rubber time. Indonesians say that this part of their way of life basically is a cultural dimension with a completely different concept of time. While appointments and deadlines are very important to everybody back home, […]

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