After a few days and the amazing Boshe gig in Jogja, we made our way up to Semarang. We arrived pretty exhausted but nevertheless motivated to keep the Monkey Business up.

After a delicious dinner at John’s place (Romans father) we had a beer with the “German community” in a fancy hotel bar. We somehow got stuck between Japanese karaoke action and our new fans who already looked forward to our show the following day :-)

Since monkey business always comes first, we went on to meet David, the manager of the club hosting our next days gig. The 123 Club, belongs to the Novotel Semarang and turned out to be a palace-like venue, with entrance gates and a great setting! We checked out the stage and equipment and got in touch with the guys from the HotFuzz band, who were also playing that weekend.

The next day was pretty hot, but we managed to figured out the time schedule for the following days and visited Woodexindo, Johns enterprise.


We convinced the staff to come to see our show and celebrate with us at 123 Club.

We’ve been also planning to receive a much needed massage that day, but unfortunately run out of time and had to skip the relaxation part. Instead we head off to 123 Club, had our soundcheck at 6pm and set everything up for the gig. The hotel crew prepared a delicious dinner, which helped to get strong and ready for the show!

DSC_0263 DSC_0262

The venue was getting crowded immediately, displaying a melting pot of French, German, Italian, and of course Indonesian audience.

DSC_0361 DSC_0310

That night we had an awesome show! The crowd got contaminated with party mood and got into rapture with our sound! “Dance, Dance, Dance!!!” We rocked the place! The HotFuzz singer even performed one of our songs with us!

DSC_0287 DSC_0341

The highlight of that night has been set by an electrifying moment, when Romans father John joined us on stage to party with us!

DSC_0346 DSC_0390

We would like to thank everybody for coming around to share these moments with us! That’s the reason why we’re doing this!

The day after we performed at 123 Club again. Initially we had thought of playing a more laid-back set of songs, but once the hit the stage, we just had to push it to the next level instead! Once more, we received overwhelming reactions to our monkey sound! Moreover we had a blast at the after-show party with the guys from Hotfuzz Indonesia, who are also on tour at the moment.


Dedicated to having a good time, we missed out on catching some sleep that night, as we had to get up very early to board our next flight. Lombok – Get ready for Kiss The Funky Monkey!

We had a great time in Semarang, THANKS to John, Krisna, Eva, Siti and Binti for the support and hospitality! Also THANKS to David, Epit and the staff of 123, you’re awesome!

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