Destination: Bali

After a two-hour speedboat ride we managed to get ourselves and our instruments safe and dry to Bali! Two shows were on the map, Boshe Club and Twice bar! Also this was our longest stay on one Island so far.
We stayed on Bali for almost two weeks as it is known for party, beach time and surfing. On top of all, to us Bali also meant relaxing in our crib – le Villa. Featuring a beautiful playground area, poolside and lots of space to outlive the habits of all the monkeys this place was another 5* deluxe monkey cage.
But there wasn’t much time to hang out at first, cause night time was show time at the Boshe Club Bali!
As we stepped in, we had to pass the security check, to confirm that there are no hidden machine guns in our instrument cases and we were welcomed by a huge crowd! A premium sound system blasted away any doubts.

KTFM WT7 Bali - 430KTFM WT7 Bali - 377

We prepared backstage with the guys from Ellost joking around and warming up for the big stage. Up there we immediately got the attention – Romans Indonesian language skills were once again of good use. We delivered an insane show with broken guitars and people ripping monkey shirts and cd’s off our hands. Great night and a nice taste of what was up to come the following days.

Those mainly consisted of surfing and holiday time during the days. We had a nice community as our Dutch companions Sarah and Sylvan, we met earlier on tour, accompanied us for a while, living with us in our Villa. Also Mr. Coni, the godfather of Bali gave us some lessons on street credibility and how to stay out of Hotel K, the notorious Bali jail.
It was somehow like a family reunion when Markus, Daniel, Max and Coco joined the monkey pack.
Just like Roman and his brothers, all of them were born in Jakarta and raised by Mr. Coni, so it’s just natural that they gathered in the bar around their proud godfather laughing and sharing all of the good old stories.

So after some days off, we were exited to play at Twice Bar, a scenic venue with all kinds of live music every day. No stage, garage like ambiance, direct interaction with the crowd and 38 degrees! This was raw and pure Rock’n Roll! Luckily again we had our personal photographers with us, thanks to Sarah and Claudi.
After the show we continued partying at the local gay bar with our special new friends we met there. As usual, gays and transsexuals throw the best parties on the whole island! Those guys just know how it’s done.

KTFM WT7 Bali - 406KTFM WT7 Bali - 414

One day we grabbed some food at the restaurant around the corner and gratefully accepted the invitation of the resident band to jam with them. We performed some of our new ideas and made many new friends afterwards. An English captain even tried to convince us to change our name to ‘Kiss My Ass Monkey’, sure we won’t, but nice idea for a T-Shirt. Thanks for the hint

Some of us had the brilliant idea to express our commitment to this tour by having a visit at Shotonk’s Tattoo shop. Results are beautiful. These guys create great art!

KTFM WT7 Bali - 431KTFM WT7 Bali - 177

Sad times coming up, Baby Monkey Felix, our drummer will leave us for the upcoming tour! We’ll miss you! See you in Germany and take care of your bones!

We already got some temporary backup and decided to spend some time in a local rehearsal room for practicing. So we will perform as usual. The show must go on!

Just before Nyepi, the day of silence on Bali, where all wheels stand still and even the airport is closed, we were entering the next level – Cambodia!
Phnom Penh, the capital city, was the next stop after a long turnover in Singapore.

wise words of the day: “Is it hot? – I make it hot for you!”
We’re sure we can make the Khmer dance! Stay tuned for more stories about the tour!

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