Gili Trawangan – The Garden Eden

Gili Trawangan is definetely a Paradise, what else could you call this place?

A dive boat dropped us right on the blue beach and we suddenly realized this has to be one of the spots where you easily can get stuck :-) Beautiful seaside, no motorbikes, just pelan pelan (relax! Keep it simple) and of course Bintang shirts all over the place.


Unfortunately the script for this new blog entry somehow ‘got lost’ as we had to spend almost all the time doing what you’re doing in Garden Eden… But no worries, the time was spent well! As you can see here:


On top of the severe relaxation we had 2 great shows on this crowded little island!

Sama Sama Reggae Bar is the ‘Home of the Saturday Night Party’ – to guarantee a packed venue, the bars split the weekdays for their parties among each other. And the day after the party place to be was Evolution Bar, run buy some Kiwi expats. Of course KTFM was there to rock.


Both shows were so much fun, visited by mixed international audience, powered by Scandinavia, Holland, Australia, Germany, France(!), the US, as well as our beloved Gili people, incredible!

Saturday evening at Sama Sama bar, the party was introduced by the local ‘Gili T band’ and ‘Mellowmood’, getting the party started with their superb reggae sound! These guys literally owned the place!

A huge crowd of people going nuts, was craving for more, not getting tired of partying. Having the honor of playing as headliner once more, we gave our all and delivered an energetic performance – Just like the audience deserved it :-)

DSC_0247 DSC_0242
We pulled an all in show, getting dangerously close to our physical limits. Rocking the stage at the max under tropical climate conditions  almost made us faint right on stage – the heat of the moment without AC!
But after a refreshing bath in the ocean we didn’t miss out on joining the party.
– Save Water Drink Beer!

Sunday was the first gig of the ‘New Rock Band’ at Evolution Bar. We shared da stage wid dem brothers and sisters inna place feelin’ da riddim in our hearts boya! Plus we saw some well-known faces, appreciating the monkey sound one more time! Keep it up bwra!

Special Thanks to Atchok of Sama Sama , the Kiwi guys from Evolution and all the great musicians living on that island. Of course thanks to the ‘Back-pack’ and all the friendly people we’ve met!
Terima Kasih!

Next stop was be Bali where we played at Boshe Club and Twice Bar, cheers to all of you and check our homepage soon for more impressions from Bali!

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