A few days in Lombok

Touring around Indonesia, we got accustomed to the term „Jam Karet“ which in English probably could be referred to as rubber time. Indonesians say that this part of their way of life basically is a cultural dimension with a completely different concept of time. While appointments and deadlines are very important to everybody back home, everything just happens at its own time in Indonesia. There is no such thing as wasting time, so why rush?

Adapted to the rubber time, we hardly arrived in Lombok/Mataram airport after almost missing our connection flight in Surabaya. Somehow we didn’t hear the first “last boarding” but fate was on our side, so we made it somehow!

Finally arrived in Lombok we got right into some discussions with taxi drivers concerning the price for our transfer. After talking them into playing our new album “Vive le Clöb” the initial arguments have been dismissed and we had a great party in our cabs to Senggigi, instead.

In Senggigi we came to a place that could be described as a 5 star monkey compound. A private pool and a nice garden area made us having a good stay – it was the perfect place to hang out, relax and enjoy everyday band life. To brag a little about this kind of tour perks, we came up with the idea to set up a new video series called KTFM Cribs, which you’ll get to see shortly :-)



Moreover we are determined to share and explain cultural distinctions of the places we visit, in an additional video series. Volume 1 will be introducing “The Bum Gun”, so stay tuned!

In Senggigi we had two gigs scheduled at Happy Café, which is a cool venue with an awesome resident band! It is a place for everyone – locals, tourists and surfers – offering good food and great entertainment.

We received a very heartily welcome when we came by to meet the crew and figure out the details of our shows.

During the next day, we worked on new songs and decided to prepare a mixed set-list for the shows, tailored to the diverse audience and catering to the wide range of tastes.


The nights already started off great with a funny ride to Happy Café. We passed on the cabs, and covered the way just by motorbikes, packed with instruments!

Almost usual on our Indonesian shows so far got the bloody UFC beat down matches on huge TV screens while having dinner – same before the gig at Happy Café. But this time we got to play our first outdoor gig (without AC!), wich we should learn later should just be a taste of what was expecting us on Gili Trawangan…


We had an awesome time partying and joking around with the audience! People were enjoying our performance and giving us thumbs up for the show. We definitely had a lot of fun at both gigs!

IMG_8670 IMG_8388

After almost 2 weeks of touring, we already had such an intense time. This whole thing starts to feel natural as we make new friends and experience a lot of great hospitality. Sadly we always have to say goodbye after just a few days.

We really enjoyed our stay and shows in Senggigi and would like to thank everyone who helped us. We’ll keep this place in great memory! Next stop: Gili Trawangan.


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