Ok, Bangkok!

We decided that Bangkok is just the right place to say goodbye to wonderful Asia.
You might have heard a lot about this city and most things are definitely true… But guess what happens when the monkeys board the ship!

And to top it all – It was Thai New Year!!!

If you don’t have a water allergy, we highly recommend experiencing this super-awesome, dripping wet festival at some time. Too bad there aren’t that many pictures of this excessive night, but ‘outside’ just wasn’t safe anymore. Only fishermen or Go-Pros could have survived while taking pictures – streets turned into rivers, Tuk-Tuks turned into battleships, and this whole city was one big anarchic water fight.

KTFM WT9 Bangkok - 003KTFM WT9 Bangkok - 004

But let’s start from the beginning…

We made our way to Bangkok by land and crossed the Thai border on our feet to finally catch a bus with a super angry driver who instantly yelled at Roman for making himself comfortable in the shotgun seat.
While Indonesia and Cambodia had a very harmonic and relaxed prevailing mood, Thai people seemed to be more direct and straight-out. You better don’t fuck with these guys, cause they’ll kick your ass – Muay-Thai Style!
Fortunately we’re friendly monkeys – Peace bro…

As our new crib was not situated at the backpacker’s hell, the so-called Khao-San Road, we were dropped off somewhere random, compelled to get some ‘Transport’ on our own to our awesome-deluxe-5 star-executive apartment suite!
Surely we had to make the most out of our last few days in Asia!

KTFM WT9 Bangkok Mayfair2KTFM WT9 Bangkok Mayfair1

There was only one exclusive show at the ‘Rock Pub’, a place that you should not miss out! They host bands from all over the world and no doubt we took the chance.

KTFM WT9 Bangkok - 010KTFM WT9 Bangkok - 013

We had a fun evening and we were infected by the overall excitement for the upcoming New Year celebration the next day!

Properly dressed up in our Power Ranger Suites we entered the heart of Bangkok…


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